How can I refer my friends to Plutux Exchange or Community Hub?

Please follow the steps here to refer your friends to Plutux:

Step 1. Find your referral code

Each user has their own unique referral code which you can find both on the community hub website and the mobile app under the Referral section.

For Community Hub website, you can find it in the Referral page.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 3.56.18 PM copy

For mobile app users, you can find it under the Referral menu.

9.1_refer landing

Step 2. Share referral code to friends

You can share your referral code to your friends by simply copying it and send it to your friends, which they can use the code during sign ups.

Alternatively, you can use the share functions under the referral page which you can directly share the registration link and referral code to your friends through various social media and messaging apps.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.03.26 PM

Step 3. Signing up with referral code

If you are sharing your referral code, your friend will need to input the code during the signup process on the website or mobile app, depending which platform they are using.

If you are sharing a referral link, your friend will only need to click on the link and the referral code will be automatically applied when they go through the signup process on the website.

Requirements and Eligibility

Before you receive any referral rewards for inviting a friend to join Plutux, the person you have invited will need to complete their identity verification process first in order for our system to consider it a successful referral.

In order to be considered a valid referral, the referred user must register as a new user, and was not previously registered with an existing email address on the Plutux platform. They must enter the referral code during the signup process and will not be able to reinstate the referral code after they have completed the signup process.