What is BullRun?

Lambo is Coming to town!

BullRun is the first game launched in Plutux Community Hub! You can guide Plutux's mascot, Lambo, to make a breakout from the bear market through his Bullrun in CoinCity.

Game Rules:

1. You are required to control Lambo to jump over the obstacles from injured by pushing the Space button or mouse left-click button. Reaching the end point of the journey, he will jump to the moon and win the game.

2. A maximum of 3 runs, which are represented by "Bull Head", every day. In each run, Lambo has 3 lives which are represented by hearts(❤).

3. Daily game reset at GMT+0 00:00:00.

4. You get assigned to a rank on BullRun leaderboard based on your weekly total score and social media shares. Shards payouts will be awarded on a weekly basis based on your rank tier. Check here for the reward structure of BullRun.