Rewards Structure in BullRun (Updated on 11 Dec 2018)

Shard(s) is the major rewards unit earned by users inside our Community Hub, including BullRun and bounty campaigns, and:

NOT a crypto asset or currency - which is neither tradable nor withdrawable;

• fungible and exchangeable for exclusive offers and prizes after passing Identity Verification;

• redeemable for TrueUSD(TUSD) at the rate scale:

120-149 Shards = 10 TUSD

150-179 Shards = 30 TUSD

180-200 Shards = 50 TUSD

>200 Shards = 50 more TUSD per every 200 Shards

• only the Shards distributed on or before 30 Nov 2018 are available in TUSD redemption.

In BullRun, there are 2 types of reward payouts:

1. Weekly Social Shares

A weekly reward for users who have tweeted Twitter promotion messages after Bull Run games for 3 times in a week.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 4.39.52 PM

• 2 Shards will be rewarded each time

• The amount of reward is fixed, not related to how many promotion messages the users have blasted.

• Rewards are going to be distributed into user’s Payout page in Game Centre at 00:00 GMT every Monday

2. Weekly Total Score

A proportional reward for users depending on their weekly total score and relative rank on the Weekly Leaderboard.

• Users who participate in the BullRun game will be allocated into different Tiers and rewarded the corresponding amount of Shards:


• The duration is 6 weeks starting from 17 September 2018.

• The cut-off and refresh time of our Weekly Leaderboard is 00:00 GMT every Monday.

• Rewards are going to be distributed into user’s Payout page in Community Hub at 01:00 GMT every Monday.