Announcement on BullRun & Bounties End (Updated on 11 Dec 2018)

Fellow Plutuxians,

We’ve recorded over 5,000 pre-registrations!

In mid September, Plutux launched BullRun game, bounty missions and referral program for users to enjoy gamification experience on a cryptocurrency exchange, which has engaged a multitude of crypto evangelists on our platform.

With the coming platform launch, BullRun and all weekly bounty missions (i.e. Facebook, Twitter & Telegram bounty program) will end at 00:00 GMT on 30 Nov 2018, while referral program is still on air.

Over the campaign end time, Plutux will conclude the result of BullRun and bounties, as well as Shard distribution. After completing their identity verification amid platform launch, eligible users* will be entitled to redeeming their Shards for TrueUSD(TUSD)**, and individually followed up by our Customer Service team on further payment procedures in about a month time.

If you need help, you are welcome to visit our Help Center ( that can answer most of your questions. Meanwhile, here comes a link to our customer support if you require any further information:

*Eligible users are the pre-registered users who have reached the minimum Shards amount to be redeemed - 120 Shards.

**Eligible users are offered to redeem their Shards for TrueUSD(TUSD) at the rate scale; only the Shards distributed on or before 30 Nov 2018 are available for TUSD redemption.


Plutux Team